Small Business Checkup: June

What you’ll learn

  • Requirements for doing business, establishing and maintaing an online presence
  • Validate your status with your state, local municipality
  • Discover more than 10 practical ways to raise funds for your business
  • Alleviate the stress you are experiencing from struggling in business
  • Identify highly profitable business niches, develop new business ideas, and continuously improve them to increase your profits
  • Avoid costly mistakes made by most first-time entrepreneurs, and save precious time and money
  • Learn when and how to protect your intellectual property
  • Increase your confidence and decisiveness when making crucial business decisions
10 months in, not looking good?
Trying to figure out what’s next?
Spend a few hours with me in this course and I’ll help you make some critical decisions.

The great news is that I’ll walk you through every step of starting your business¬†from selecting the best business idea, to business planning, registering your business, raising money, and starting your business with correct fundamentals to give your business the best chance to succeed.

The Why: The Small Business Checkup

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This course offers a sample of some of the services offered at our parent company, Unmutedco. As a partner of the firm, I felt it was important that our services be available to the community-at-large. Part of our company vision is to enrich Black and brown communities. I don't see a better way than this.
Yes. The course is recorded and the materials are available to you for 60 days. Be sure to download the Unmuted Academy app for mobile access.
The day schedule is published 5 days before the course begins. The lessons are time restricted and there are breaks built into the day. You will only have access to course content when it unlocks as the day progresses. If you are registered for the course and miss a session, the content and materials is available to you for 60 days. Unfortunately, lessons and content cannot be unlocked early or provided in advance for any reason.
I'm glad to hear this! My weekdays are typically broken into 30-minute increments; time with me can be booked anytime online. Course participants are eligible for a FREE hour with me. First sessions are usually one hour. Additional time is available in 30 minute increments. Course participants will receive 50% off the first 10 hours booked. Before you schedule that meeting - send me a private message inside of the course. To schedule time, visit

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Small Business Checkup: June